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10 Reasons Why Your Company Should Sponsor NaijaPalooza

  1. The Nigerian American Population is growing exponentially since 1980.
  2. Afrobeat music industry growth continues to rival that of the 1990s era hip hop
  3. Afrobeat artists are routinely connected to major brands
  4. Immigrants are a growing share of Black Americans and it’s estimated that over 10 percent of the population will be foreign born by 2020 and 20% of the Black American population by 2030 (research conducted by Celestine O. Chukumba Ph.D.)
  5. Nigerian-Americans are the most educated cohort in the U.S. beating Asians and white-Americans in terms of number of Ph.D.s and Masters degrees held per person.
  6. Nigerian-Americans are affluent
  7. Nigerian-Americans consume media more than other groups (
  8. Nigerian-Americans are sophisticated in terms of banking and finance
  9. NaijaPalooza is the only music festival dedicated to Nigerian Artists
  10. NaijaPalooza boasts the largest digital footprint and reach of any music media company focused on Afrobeat in the U.S.

black immigrant population growth naijapalooza

(Source – Nielsen

us black immigrant population since 1980


(Source – Nielsen

education levels of africans in the us

la times article location of Africans in U.S.

NaijaPaloza is held in Trenton, NJ which is identified as a hot spot for African Immigrants – Most of whom are Nigerians